GRAMMY’S: A brief rundown on the highlights


Sunday night was the Grammy’s and a lot has led up to this night.

To start off, Lizzo was nominated for eight Grammys this year (the most for that night) and was expected to sweep them all. Except for the occasional Truth Hurts, I’m not the biggest fan of Lizzo. Her songs feel a little forced and like an attempt for a Billboard Top 100. Her songs add nothing new musically or lyrically, they’re just kind of there. 

However, unexpectedly yet still somehow predictable, Billie Eilish swept, winning all four of the main categories as well as an additional Grammy for best pop vocal album, bringing her total to five Grammys. I’m kind of happy Billie swept over Lizzo because even after blowing up, Billie and her brother Finneas still recorded her new album in her bedroom where they began, which like honestly, she deserves major respect and props for doing that. After blowing up, many artists focus on getting the best producers and writers, yet those two kept doing what made them successful in the first place- themselves.

Lizzo still managed to walk away with three Grammys- one of which being the best pop vocal performance which I think is well deserved. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing can top Lizzo’s flute playing, and this award proves that.

Two weeks before the Grammys, the chief executive officer and CEO of the Recording Academy (who host the Grammys) was fired. After being fired, she released a 44-page discriminant complaint that the way nominees and winners are chosen for the Grammy’s are very inconsistent. She claims that the Grammy’s pick who they want to win originally, and then find others to fill in as nominees, which explains why there happen to be so many snubs in the history of Grammys. 

Take for example Ariana Grande, who in the history of her career has only won one Grammy out of her 11 nominations. Same with Justin Bieber who only has one. Prince, although nominated for 38 Grammy’s only won 7 which is an 18% win rate for him. Even the Beatles were snubbed, winning only four Grammys while they were together. 

The idea that the Grammy’s could potentially be rigged adds up. I mean look at the nomination list- you see the same three or four artists in almost every category they can be nominated for, whether they actually deserve to be nominated or not. Of course Recording Academy denies it, but I’m curious to see how this will play out in the coming weeks and the effect it has on the Grammys next year now that more people are alert and aware.

Alicia Keys and Boys II Men sang a tribute to Kobe, with a beautiful harmonization of the Boys To Men song, It’s Hard To Say Goodbye. That song couldn’t be more true. Kobe Bryant was more than a basketball player, he was an icon and example on how to live life. He brought love and joy to everyone, and taught that the things that matter most in life isn’t fame and fortune- it’s all about family, hard work, and respect. That you work for what you want to earn. Alicia and Boys II Men got it right, it’s definitely hard to say goodbye to such a legend.