Eye of the Tiger

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Varsity Boys SoccerFri, Jan 17 Inderkum Tigers3-0W
Inderkum Tigers3-0W
Varsity Girls BasketballFri, Jan 17 Antelope Titans57-80L
Antelope Titans57-80L
Varsity Girls SoccerFri, Jan 17 Inderkum Tigers1-0W
Inderkum Tigers1-0W
Varsity Boys BasketballThu, Jan 16 Antelope Titans55-61L
Antelope Titans55-61L
Varsity Girls BasketballWed, Jan 15 Bella Vista Broncos78-23W
Bella Vista Broncos78-23W
Varsity Boys BasketballTue, Jan 14 Bella Vista Broncos66-63W
Bella Vista Broncos66-63W
Varsity Girls SoccerTue, Jan 14 Bella Vista Broncos1-1T
Bella Vista Broncos1-1T
Varsity Boys SoccerTue, Jan 14 Bella Vista Broncos0-1L
Bella Vista Broncos0-1L
Varsity Boys BasketballFri, Jan 10 Inderkum Tigers53-73L
Inderkum Tigers53-73L
Varsity Girls BasketballThu, Jan 09 Inderkum Tigers53-44W
Inderkum Tigers53-44W
Varsity Boys SoccerThu, Jan 09 Ponderosa Bruins2-1W
Ponderosa Bruins2-1W
Varsity Boys BasketballWed, Jan 08 River Valley Falcons61-62L
River Valley Falcons61-62L
Varsity Girls SoccerTue, Jan 07 Yuba City7-0W
Yuba City7-0W
Varsity Girls BasketballTue, Jan 07 River Valley Falcons67-51W
River Valley Falcons67-51W
Varsity Boys SoccerTue, Jan 07 Yuba City Honkers2-0W
Yuba City Honkers2-0W
Varsity Girls BasketballFri, Jan 03 Woodcreek Timberwolves36-40L
Woodcreek Timberwolves36-40L
Varsity Boys BasketballFri, Jan 03 Woodcreek Timberwolves60-69L
Woodcreek Timberwolves60-69L
Varsity Girls BasketballMon, Dec 30 Monte Vista Mustangs50-53L
Monte Vista Mustangs50-53L
Varsity Girls BasketballSat, Dec 28 Saratoga Falcons47-41W
Saratoga Falcons47-41W
Varsity Girls BasketballFri, Dec 27 Clayton Valley Charter44-56L
Clayton Valley Charter44-56L
Varsity Boys BasketballSat, Dec 21 Dixon Rams77-54W
Dixon Rams77-54W
Varsity Girls BasketballSat, Dec 21 Sutter Huskies53-58L
Sutter Huskies53-58L
Varsity Boys BasketballFri, Dec 20 Pleasant Grove Eagles58-50W
Pleasant Grove Eagles58-50W
Varsity Boys SoccerFri, Dec 20 River Valley Falcons2-2T
River Valley Falcons2-2T
Varsity Boys BasketballThu, Dec 19 Christian Brothers39-63L
Christian Brothers39-63L
Varsity Boys BasketballTue, Dec 17 Whitney Wildcats46-60L
Whitney Wildcats46-60L
Varsity Boys SoccerWed, Dec 11 Lincoln Zebras2-0W
Lincoln Zebras2-0W
Varsity FootballFri, Oct 18 Yuba City14-42L
Yuba City14-42L
JV FootballFri, Oct 18 Yuba City20-19W
Yuba City20-19W
Freshman FootballThu, Oct 17 Yuba City49-14W
Yuba City49-14W
Varsity Girls VolleyballThu, Oct 10 River Valley2-3L
River Valley2-3L
Freshman FootballThu, Oct 10 Sutter21-20W
Girls GolfTue, Oct 08 Bella Vista228-262L
Bella Vista228-262L
Varsity Girls VolleyballTue, Oct 08 Antelope3-0W
Varsity FootballFri, Oct 04 River Valley33-31W
River Valley33-31W
JV FootballFri, Oct 04 River Valley36-14W
River Valley36-14W
Varsity Girls Water PoloThu, Oct 03 Woodcreek3-15L
Varsity Girls VolleyballThu, Oct 03 Woodcreek0-3L
Freshman FootballThu, Oct 03 River Valley27-22W
River Valley27-22W
Girls GolfTue, Oct 01 Yuba CityFFW-FFW
Yuba CityFFW-FFW
Varsity Girls VolleyballTue, Oct 01 Inderkum1-3L
Varsity FootballFri, Sep 27 Antelope35-7W
JV FootballFri, Sep 27 Antelope21-6W
JV Girls VolleyballTue, Sep 24 Yuba City2-1W
Yuba City2-1W
Varsity Girls VolleyballTue, Sep 24 Yuba City3-1W
Yuba City3-1W
Girls GolfTue, Sep 24 Antelope0-FOREFIT L
Antelope0-FOREFIT L
Varsity FootballFri, Aug 23 Bear Creek 35-0W
Bear Creek 35-0W
JV FootballFri, Aug 23 Bear Creek 56-0W
Bear Creek 56-0W
Varsity Girls VolleyballTue, Aug 20 Oakmont0-3L
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