With the upcoming holidays, Eye of the Tiger’s A&E Department’s own Jordan Del Valle Tonoian and AJ Welker selected some of the best holiday light displays in the Greater Sacramento Area.

For more pictures, videos and detailed reviews, scroll down to see the full galleries for each location.

#1: The Fab ‘40s, Sacramento, CA

In this Uptown Sacramento neighborhood, you can expect a plethora of lights and displays that seem to stretch on for eternity.

Nearly every house participates, making for a visually and aesthetically pleasing experience, as though the neighborhood is unified, each home explores its personal holiday spirit.

If you’re looking for an authentic, romantic, or simply unique holiday light viewing experience, the Fabulous Forties more than provides with carriage rides through each neighborhood.

Whether you’re with a significant other, a best friend, or an entire party, the carriage rides are a unique way to experience the famous, Fabulous Forties.

This neighborhood is extremely popular so plan your visit accordingly.

Parking in the neighborhoods themselves is limited⸺ be prepared to park far away and walk a fair distance if you chose to walk the ‘40s.

The streets are narrow and busy, so if you’re more of a drive-by holiday display viewer, note that lines can get long, and there are many people milling about.

The weekends will be crowded, but late weeknights the masses usually subside around 8 p.m.

#2: Pebble Creek, Rocklin, CA

The Pebble Creek Holiday Lights are comprised of the whole Pebble Creek neighborhood.

Most homeowners on both Pebble Creek Drive, and it’s continuation, Strand Road, participate in this spectacular show.

Heavily Disney-themed, many houses have their lawns filled with wooden cutouts of Disney characters.

Many houses also have intricate roof decorations, proving the decorators’ commitment to this outlandish and flashy event every year.

Much like the “Fab ‘40s” in Uptown Sacramento, this neighborhood is insanely popular with many area locals. Cars line up out onto Sunset Boulevard waiting to see the lights.

Walking the neighborhood is a laborious, yet rewarding expedition. The loop around the neighborhood itself is over a mile long.

You may have to walk even further from your parking spot which there are none of within the neighborhood itself as parking is restricted by the City of Rocklin. The Bel Air parking lot down the street fills up quickly.

And if you do walk, you’ll be able to talk to some of the homeowners, sit around fire pits and enjoy roasted marshmallows and hot chocolate.

#3: Orelle Creek, Citrus Heights, CA

The Orelle Creek neighborhood is a gem hidden within the pits of Old Auburn Road. Nearly every single house in this two cul-de-sac neighborhood participate in decorating their houses in an ostentatious display of fairy lights.

Walking is done with relative ease, with a municipal trail running parallel to Old Auburn Road, which the entrance to the neighborhood is on, you can park on any of the neighboring blocks.

On weekends free popcorn and hot chocolate is served for those walking around the neighborhood.

Driving isn’t bad either, the streets are fairly wide and, although it gets busy on weekends, it’s not too hard to drive through.

Some of the participants go all out, including one homeowner who dresses his evergreen tree in lights with a star perched atop.

There’s even a crane on display in the driveway of one of the houses that serves to show the devotion of some of the homeowners.

Although it seemed a little less extravagant than last year’s display, it’s definitely one of the must see neighborhoods in the area.

#4: Twinwood Loop, Roseville, CA

Twinwood Loop used to be one of the best, if not the best display in the area.

However, years go by and children grow up.

Even though the prestigious designation has been lost. The surrounding neighborhood has continued in spirit.

The best way to experience this neighborhood is in a car.

It is painless to access the neighborhood, yet, exiting is a bit more of a chore, Pioneer Drive, which connects to Pleasant Grove

Boulevard, is right turn only and less than 500 feet from Roseville Parkway, during rush hours, it can be difficult to exit the neighborhood.

The best houses are scattered around Twinwood Loop, Tamarindo Way and Red Oak Ct.

However, you may want to park for a moment and step out of the car to walk through the candy canes that arch over the sidewalks.

Fortunately, you can also exit on Chase Drive to Roseville Parkway.

Luckily, parking is a breeze. There are next to no restrictions in the neighborhood and there’s plenty of open spaces on the street.

The looped street makes it easy to drive through, no u-turns needed.

One house even has lights synchronized to music through a radio station.