Knives Out kills it as an iconic murder mystery


Going into the movie “Knives Out”, I really wasn’t expecting too much. From my eyes, this was a pretty stereotypical murder mystery, but the way it was put together was nothing like I’ve ever seen before; and I loved it.

Coming from the writer and director of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, Rian Johnson was bound to make this a great film. The choice of of the amazing actors and actresses just added to how well this movie was. The characters in the story felt complete. It was easy to see that almost every character had a big part in the movie; some of them just being there for the laughs of the audience watching.


Some actors and actresses that I felt stood out a lot were Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig. These two really put the movie together and I couldn’t have seen any other people try and play these characters. Chris Evans’ character really added a great comedic value to the film that just made the movie that much better. The overall cast couldn’t have been better and I really enjoyed the detail put in by them.

Watching the trailers, you would expect this film to be serious and even a bit boring at some parts, but this was not the case at all. From the beginning to the end, every scene has a part that leads up and adds to the finale. There was so much detail put in scenes that constantly foreshadows without giving anything away or allowing you to guess what happens. Not one part did I find unnecessary in the movie and through all the suspense they still manage to import enough comedy in the perfect way.

The timing of significant events in the plot worked great with the overall time of two hours. The movie didn’t feel long and ran out, and there was always something important and entertaining going on. Even though I’m not normally the person to like these kind of movies, I really enjoyed this film. Everything in this movie just had an amazing flow to it that couldn’t have been better.