To kick off her penultimate performance with the Roseville High Theatre Company, senior
Winter Scantlin plays Daisy Buchanan in the classic play, The Great Gatsby.

– Megan Huber


What do you love about playing Daisy Buchanan? What do you dislike?

What I love about Daisy is her playful side. She is a very flirty person and always likes to have fun. Daisy is loved by everyone.
What I don’t like about her is how selfish and shallow she can be.
She only cares about herself, which plays a huge part in stirring up the conflict of the show.


What takeaways have you gotten from performing in The Great Gatsby?

I learned a lot from playing Daisy. She knows how to have a good time, even when things are not going well.
She doesn’t take everything so seriously and that’s a good lesson for my senior year. I shouldn’t get so caught up in grades and college that I forget to enjoy this year.


Out of all of the characters you’ve played, which one did you have the most fun with?

Out of all the characters I’ve played in the past, Daisy has been by far the most fun.
Daisy and I are not very similar, so getting to take on her personality has been an interesting and positive experience.


What is the greatest reward with acting and performing?

The greatest rewards from acting and performing is getting to entertain people.
Especially with this show, since it is a well known and loved book by many, people get to come watch this story come to life and that is very exciting to me.
I’m also grateful I got to work with an amazing group of people while putting together the show.



What lessons have you learned from acting and performing that will help you in you future endeavors?

With my last few years of performing, I learned to become more vulnerable. I am a lot more confident in myself and I’m able to get out of my shell much easier than I used to.
If something in my future comes up that may be a little out of my comfort zone, I know from performing that I can push thorugh it and have a successful outcome.


When did you first discover your passion for theatre?

I first started acting when I was in first grade. The first outside of school show I did was A Charlie Brown Christmas at a community theater where I got the chance to play Linus. It was what really started my journey with theatre.