Thank u, next dispels diss-track trend

Only three months after Ariana Grande released her fourth studio album Sweetener, Grande dropped a surprise single, thank u, next, also the name of her fifth album.

The song was announced last Saturday night, dropping 30 minutes before SNL in retaliation against Pete Davidson, her ex-fiance, who was supposed to act in a skit about the break up.

As a big fan of Ariana I always expect the most from her and progress in her music and this song did not disappoint.

The beginning of the song was a full name drop of her main ex’s, Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Mac Miller and Pete Davidson. Name dropping is something myself and others associated with a diss track, but this was far from a diss track.

Ariana talks about how she’s thankful for her ex and what they taught her like love, patience and pain and she still turned out amazing, rather than dragging them after their breakups.

She goes on to say that she met someone else anyways and that person is herself, she taught herself love and patience and handled the pain.

The song has an R&B beat similar to a few tracks on her last album Sweetener, produced by some fan favorite producers Tommy Brown and Max Martin. Tommy Brown also helped produce thank u, next.

The song broke the record for Spotify’s biggest single day for a female artist in their history with 8.19 million global streams. The track is also supposed to debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the next few days which would be her first ever top charter in the US.

Being a huge fan of Ariana myself I’ve always liked her new songs and almost everything she releases, but I’ve never heard this many of my friends and even adults liking one of her singles as much as this one.