Should Fans Be Back In The Stands When Games Start Back Up Again?


     With the current situation of sports and the coronavirus pandemic, a big question going around is, will student athletes even get their seasons? At this rate, the return of sports seems very possible as the date has been pushed back and scheduled to start on December 7. A long side that, a frequently asked question developed concerning what the stands will look like, will they be empty like NBA and MLB or will they be filled with students like other schools across the country?

      In the state of South Carolina high school football games are allowing 50 percent of the maximum capacity for 250 people. Fans being allowed to attend games and enjoy the high school experience all depend on each individual district or school.

      Fans should clearly be allowed to stand for all sporting events, regardless of being outside or inside. Obviously, there will need to be some safety precautions, like wearing a mask, having hand sanitizer around and having restrictions on how many people can attend, like in South Carolina. 

      As an athlete at Roseville High who plans on playing varsity basketball and football. There is no reason there shouldn’t be fans in the stands with  special guidelines due to covid-19. Athletes are already getting their seasons pushed back and shortened, why take more from them because of a virus that is not taking away other states ability to play and attend sporting events.

     It should be as simple as this, give people the right to choose if they want to go to the game, let them go to the game. If they are concerned with the virus then don’t go to the game it’s that simple. Don’t take away a person’s rights to choose. Students will already be spending time together at school and outside of school they should be able go and enjoy a sporting event.