Eye of the Tiger

Teacher and student share passion for footwear

RILEIGH SHULL January 27, 2019

We all have our interesting hobbies, but not all of our hobbies involve what we wear on our feet. These next two members of Roseville High School might know what it’s like to walk in other’s shoes...

Local elementary school students perform Lion King Jr. at RHS

Local elementary school students perform Lion King Jr. at RHS

MEGAN HUBER January 25, 2019

Blue Oaks Elementary School students don’t have to wait until high school to get a chance to perform in the Patti Baker Theater. Instead, their production of Lion King Jr. has moved from their small...

Sophomore expands cheer-leading experience across the country

LIZZIE PELZMAN January 22, 2019

After 9 years of cheer-leading, sophomore Allie Hoy gets the opportunity to attend a cheer-leading competition in Florida for the third time. “[The competition] is like Nationals,” Hoy said. “And...

RHS Key Club hosts event for other division clubs

LIZZIE PELZMAN January 17, 2019

Key club hosted their first Winter Olympics last Saturday. Club members from RHS and other sites met in the cafeteria to celebrate. The Olympics consisted of games and activities with winter themes....

HUMANS OF RHS: Paula Righello

HUMANS OF RHS: Paula Righello

December 28, 2018

Spanish teacher Paula Righello’s classroom is a cornucopia of culture and knick-knacks gathered from her many years of travel -- before she settled down as a teacher. Between adventures in France, Italy,...

Creative Writing teacher Jamie Handling’s newest book, Backstabber, is set to be published November 19, 2019. Though Handling has chosen to self-publish several of her works in the past, this is the first of her books which will be published under an official contract.

Handling publicates book deal success

RICKY SEGOVIA December 26, 2018

The process of publishing a book can take a variety of any multiple avenues, but ultimately, all of them require the perseverance, patience, and hardship to take the time to write a book. Creative writing...

Sophomore finds outlet for vocal talent on social media

KEVIN AIKEN December 23, 2018

Alesandra Cariaga casually strums a guitar, years of experience visible in the movement, and the hum of a single warm-up note follows. The blinking red camera light looks back at the performance. Cariaga...

Sophomores Megan Bischof and Joey Haight have a love of music that can’t be contained during school hours alone. Both students participate in their respective community bands, which offer them opportunities to better themselves as musicians.

Music-oriented sophomores expand ability

LOGAN BRALEY December 19, 2018

For some band students, playing music is a passion that transcends both the school bell and after-school band practice, as the hours these students spend perfecting their abilities go beyond the RHS campus. Sophomore...

Junior, Cassidy Noonan is on set for the upcoming thiller web show, Shivers. This is Noonan’s first time acting on camera in a pre-filmed environment. She enjoys witnessing what goes on behind-the-scenes.

Noonan family engages acting talents

CLAIRE TOWNSEND December 18, 2018

Junior Cassidy Noonan has had years of acting experience to learn how to work a crowd -- whether on stage or off of it. Now, she’s expanding her repertoire and changing up her regular routine by moving...

RHS teacher advances in California Teachers of the Year competition

JONAH LUCIA December 7, 2018

RHS PLTW teacher Erin Granucci has won RJUHSD Teacher of the Year. After being named teacher for RHS and RJUHSD, Granucci is now eligible to win on a county level. Granucci is excited to move on to...

Toys for Tots program brings hope to Sacramento’s less fortunate children

CAITLIN TRAN December 7, 2018

Yesterday RHS held its annual Toys for Tots, where RHS students create an event to give Noralto Elementary School kids an unforgettable holiday. Student Government member Jessie Fisher feels that bringing...

Students comfort teacher with stellar surprise

NICOLE KHUDYAKOV November 27, 2018

Spanish teacher Maria Pitts received a stellar surprise from her students. Pitts received a star in the sky in order to commemorate the legacy of her father. Junior Summer Edon played a large role...

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