Course registration, four year plans shift online



Counselor Jason Bradley explains the new course registration process to a class of freshmen.


The Roseville High School course registration process will include an online element as of this year that will allow students to update their four-year plan year-round. The four-year plan provides the data needed to predict the amount of sections each class receives and provides insight into future class interest. 

According to counselor Robyn  Pasco, each students plan will now be input into Aeries, relieving the need for students to fill out an entire four-year plan every year with the exception of the initial registration process freshman year. 

This increase of frequent and accurate information should now streamline the process to build the master schedule as well as make the schedule a more comprehensive view of what students’ interests. 

According to assistant principal Jason Wilson, this streamlined view should help administration to release the schedule weeks sooner than previously possible.

“Should it speed up the process of building a master schedule? Absolutely,” Wilson said.

Wilson said this change could not only impact the schedule for current staff but potentially the process for hiring new staff in the future. With a better understanding of classes, student interest and total class sections, the RHS administration could get a better vision of the staffing required to meet the school’s needs sooner than before, and thus get a head-start on a hiring process that played it by ear in past years.

“We can advertise and promote for positions and try and recruit the best possible teachers out there,” Wilson said. “The longer we wait, teachers can’t wait, so we want to put ourselves out there as soon as possible.”

The change has presented some obstacles, including teacher training, student training and an overall technical shift as the new system falls into place. Counselors began taking the steps towards addressing this earlier last week as they began teaching students to input as well as edit their plans through Aeries.