LETTERS FROM A SENIOR: Four year plans don’t define what will actually happen



Whenever I feel like entertaining myself, I always take out the copy of my four-year plan from before I was even a freshman.

I’ve always found it surreal that my plans had virtually derailed as soon as I hit my sophomore year.

There’s no stopping the fact that plans aren’t a guarantee. You could plan something extravagant for months then have it thrown into a blender just a day before. Or you could plan something within an hour and have it go through almost perfectly.

The same goes for school-related plans. Before coming in as a freshman, I was pretty adamant at going through the art pathway to become a graphic designer. Now, having been through all of the computer science pathway, I want to become a network administrator. I only really went up to Art 1.

Eye of the Tiger was nothing but a tiny glimmer in my eye back then. I think my past self from four years ago would be pretty ecstatic to know that I’d actually be a part of it, even if it wasn’t for as long as I would’ve liked.

Looking back at my four-year plan, I find it ridiculous that almost none of my choices towards senior year were classes that I would really enjoy now. 

As I trudged through more of high school, my perspective started to open up and choices that I didn’t think were possible opened up.

And now, I have no regrets.

Here’s some words of guidance from a senior: take it easy. Don’t stress out over what hasn’t happened yet. Accept that plans aren’t absolute, and that you don’t know the best possible outcome for your life yet.

I’m not even sure what my next year will look like despite having a rough idea of a goal, but even that feels secondary.

I’ve always disliked the idea that life will giveth and taketh away. I preferred riding the same waves all the time, hovering around the same comfortable and stable altitude.

But like learning how to ride a bike or drive a car, I just had to accept the unknown and unpredictable. In the end, I found out that the experience pays off more than I anticipated.