Sophomore Gino Garcia stars on the dance team as one boy working with 20 girls. With every jump and kickline, the dance team has become an iconic staple of the halftime show. As the season continued, the team has grown close. Together, they’ve created a familial bond that enhances each and every performance on Hanson field.

         -Megan Huber 


What is your favorite style of dance to do?:

Hip hop- I like the way it looks when I watch [other] people do it.


What has been your favorite moment on the dance team?

Hearing the TigerCage when we’re performing. It makes us proud because it just shows off how much work we put into it and people can enjoy the dance.


Are the kicklines hard to do?

No. I mean, they’re tiring. But since we practice them at every practice, it’s just not that hard.


As a boy in a “girl-dominated” sport, do you feel that you get treated than the other dancers on the team?

No. We treat each other like family. It creates a special bond between all of us.


Are there any stereotypes for boys who dance that you’ve felt was held against you?

People say [them], but not in my face, so I really don’t care.


What is the most difficult part about performing?

The fear of messing up.


Why do you dance?

Dancing is really fun to do. My sister did it, so I kind of looked up to her. That’s why I did it. I like the adrenaline rush. It feels good to perform in front of other people and perform at the football games.

I used to go to NCDC when I was little and performed at a show. Since then, I enjoyed entertaining an audience.


Do you see yourself dancing in the future? If so, in what capacity?

Yes, but I don’t think I would be at a studio. It would be more like creating dances with friends at my house.