Borderlands 3 paints new graphics and planets, but misses with the jokes

After a 7 year hiatus, Borderlands 3 has finally been released and there are some big changes added. For any past Borderlands players, you’ll be very surprised with the new additions to your favorite gore filled, profanity littered franchise. But for any new players to the Borderlands series, I highly recommend you play the first two games before getting into this one.


Let’s start with the graphics and game play first. The new HD graphics mixed with the cartoonish style from the original games surprisingly works very well. Now, instead of large black lines outlining every object, there’s detail for every little thing; even the grass brings a little more life and scenery to the game. 

Developers Gearbox Software must have been going for a challenging, fast paced, first person shooter with new mechanics such as sliding, climbing, and new vehicles. These new mechanics definitely help with the flow and amp up the pace of gunfights. 

The new traveling system I think veteran players are really going to enjoy. Now, instead of being stuck on the wasteland planet of Pandora, you’re finally free to explore other worlds. This change is what I believe to be the biggest other than the graphics. Now you can explore new planets with new environments and enemies, traveling in a ship across the galaxy finding new guns, loot, and vaults.


With anything there’s going to be good and bad. With Borderlands 3, the new great features definitely outweigh the bad. However, in all honesty, the story for Borderlands 3 isn’t the greatest. It feels a little boring. The missions are challenging and fun, but they are just a bit too short. The new antagonists just aren’t the same as past antagonists, not having the same character or even their motives are not being explained enough. Even the dialogue isn’t very great, most of the jokes being made are hit or miss. It feels like the writers didn’t put in as much effort on the jokes like past games. 

Overall the game is very good, however, it definitely could have been better if the story and dialogue was improved. At the same time, the game play and graphics are great and innovative for the Borderlands series, which heavily outweighs the bad.