District to purchase $1.9 million in Chromebooks in push toward 1:1

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Roseville Joint Union High School District board is investing $1.9 million in chromebook acquisition for all six schools to work toward getting a 1:1 ratio of a piece of technology to every student. This money would get the district down to an 8:1 ratio of students to chromebooks.

According to director of business services Joseph Landon, meeting the 1:1 ratio is going to benefit both students and teachers in a positive way.

“The 1:1 ratio is important because technology has been immensely developed so why not use it now,” Landon said. “I’m positive now that this piece of technology for each student is going to benefit both students and teacher.”

Principal David Byrd believes that students can learn information in their classes in a very interactive way using technology.

“Now you’re kind of learning to do this whole business-worldly interface or communication-interface by using this technology, so I feel like if nothing else, that part of it alone has got to be a win,” Byrd said.