REVIEW: RHS Dancin’ Feat’s annual Holiday Feat, Feet, Fete

An oddly satisfying mix



Choreographed by Candace Henderson: (left to right) Macy Mills, Ava Ware, Lexi Petty and Kiara Wilson perform Wonderland by Caravan Palace in the 2018 Holiday Dancin’ Feat show.

Last Thursday night I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of Roseville High School Dancin’ Feat’s Holiday Feat, Feet, Fete.

Featuring the advanced and intermediate dance classes, the two act show was comprised of a rather odd mix of holiday and themed dances. I found myself disappointed with the mix-in of “non-holiday” dances from their spring show from last school year with dances to Afro Circus Madagascar, and Move Your Feet from the movie Trolls.

However I was pleasantly surprised with the choreography of these. I was especially dazzled with Successful and I given I didn’t get the opportunity to see the spring show.

Carol of the Bells was choreographed by Madison Rose and Amari Tate. The costumes were designed by Tonya Stauffer

My favorite two dances were Carol of the Bells and Silhouettes.

Carol of the Bells featured the best costumes in the entire show. The choreography was just enough to highlight the classical rock that Carol of the Bells is famous for, while also accentuating the beautiful costumes.

Silhouettes utilized lighting effects to the highest extent. Backlighting the cast perfectly with an emerald green, the dancers moved gracefully in literal silhouettes; an effect so subtly captivating the audience collectively emitted an audible gasp.   

The two acts were perfectly book ended by dances with large casts, my favorite being the opening number, Santa’s got a Choo Choo Train. Headlining a large ensemble, the tap dance accented the song perfectly with dancers tapping their feet to the chugga chugga chugga of the train.

Aside from a few points where things were not synchronized perfectly or there were little issues with choreography, the show was wonderful. Either way, things like that are bound to happen given how heavy the choreography was.

(Left to right) Paige Jacobson, Abby Macaluso, Madison Janney and Sharwana Sabriel-Garcia perform Snow by Bing Crosby choreographed by Paige Jacobson.

But what little went wrong was completely cancel out by how intricate the dances were. Every little detail was accentuated. All fingers and toes were pointed out exquisitely.

If you haven’t see the spring show, you’ll be charmed by the dances that have been re-used from it. Just don’t go in expecting an exclusively holiday themed show.

This show was definitely worth seeing. It’s just unfortunate there’s not another weekend of shows.