NBC shows beginning to pick up steam


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If you’re sitting around and have no shows to tune into, consider downloading the free trial of the streaming app Hulu and taking a look at their NBC shows The Good Place and Superstore.

The show The Good Place was the first NBC comedy that I started watching, it features a woman named Eleanor Shellstrop, played by the popular actress Kristen Bell, who finds out that she has died and been sent to the Good Place, however she doesn’t belong there. This idea of going to Heaven and not belonging there is a simple concept, but creates some of the best comedy that television has to offer.

The Good Place has incredible comedic timing and situations that keep you sucked in, but also does a really good job of making Heaven seem real. They have flying competitions, millions of flavors of frozen yogurt, instantaneous teleportation, and a magical robot assistant named Janet to assist their every need. This is one of the key aspects as to why the show is so successful, they make our wildest fantasies and dreams about being able to do anything that they desire in a magical oasis that can do anything that they want it to.

The show is extremely family friendly and almost never covers dark topics that aren’t suitable for children under 12 years old.

The second show that is definitely worth giving a shot is Superstore, just a show about the relations and problems that all the workers and customers face in their daily lives whilst working and visiting a chain superstore.

My quick description does no justice whatsoever to this absolutely impeccable show. The characters are so easy to fall in love with and make you want to be apart of the environment through their very unique and individual characters.

Aside from the main characters the steal of the show for me is the sarcastic drama inducing intercom worker Garrett McNeill, played by Colton Dunn, who I think delivers the hardest hitting comedic lines and funniest one liners that have me crying of laughter.

Another honorable mention for steal of the show is the unintelligent truck loader Marcus played by Jon Barinholtz. His ignorance to important situations and flimsy filters to the words and phrases that comes out of his mouth are the most shocking but usually end up having the viewers laughing hysterically.

Definitely consider checking these shows out Thursday nights as 8:00 p.m and 8:30 p.m, or catch up on previous seasons streaming via Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video.