Quantico brings fresh storyline to TV

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ABC’S hit new series Quantico, released on Sept. 27. Despite being out of the world of ShondaLand, this show absolutely proves to measure up to many of her compelling, compelling dramas. They’re very few characters that play a big role in the main plot.

Based on watching the previews, I assumed it would be a decent show.

Luckily it turned out to exceed my expectations.

I get that same feeling of suspense watching Quantico, I get watching HTGAWM. The format of the plots are completely the same. Quantico’s rollercoaster plot twists all the time is what wrapped such a good ending in the pilot.

The storyline in general is not a storyline I would expect or assume. It definitely doesn’t fall under the category of a cheesy plot.

I’m not completely attached to most of the characters on this show, except for Alex Parrish. I admire Alex’s character, and I really appreciate the director of Quantico, Joshua Safran.

He’s brilliantly made a character of color who is the smartest, strongest and best trained FBI agent there is on this show.

He’s made her strong, and amongst everything that she’s gone through throughout these episodes she is completely under control of her life.

For those who didn’t know, Priyanka Chopra is not only a talented actress, but is also a hit Bollywood star.

For some background, she’s a recording artist, a former Miss World, the face of a Guess campaign and more.

The high publicity for Quantico resulted in a very high viewership rate. What’s new and exciting about Quantico is the whole main plot.

The fact that viewers have to relook scenes they hadn’t noticed before, makes a very different dynamic to the show.

The wide range of possible suspects makes the show intriguing and keeps viewers on their toes.