Visit doesn’t live up to horror fan expectations

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Director M. Night Shyamalan released his new movie The Visit on Sept. 11.

The plot of the movie revolves around two children named Becca and Tyler visiting their grandparents, Doris and John, for the first time while their
Mom goes on a cruise with her new boyfriend.

Becca decides to take the opportunity to film her and her brothers visit to their grandparents in a documentary type style, hence the found footage style of directing.

The kids soon discover that Doris has weird habits at starting late at night such as projectile vomiting, scratching on the walls naked, and running back and forth through the hallways.

The kids confront John about Doris’ weird behavior but he simply dismisses it as “being old.”

Even though John acts just as strange in his own way, the kids try their best to brush it off and enjoy the time they have with their grandparents.

The movie was more raunchy than scary. It makes you turn away but more so in disgust the terror.

The Visit is lazy for the most part as it takes the easy way out and uses gore and jump scares rather than a well written script to scare the audience.

Despite its attempts to be a convincing and believable story, which a lot of critics are praising it for, there were way too many variables that made it less believable.

It was as if the director spent more money trying to make it more convincing and it didn’t even pay off. Honestly the movie was mostly just boring and gross.

In the aspect of acting the cast was solid and convincing for having to play very one dimensional characters, but it was mostly the cheesy scripting that held the movie back.

The interaction between Tyler and Becca seemed like a genuine sibling relationship, a bit campy but still realistic.

The Visit had a good balance of humor and horror especially on the kids part and the little quirks that were included in their characters, though they got annoying at times.

The comedy aspect of it was extremely predictable, you knew exactly the joke that the character was gonna make before they made it, which made watching the “funny” parts of the movie a bit irritating.

The movie of course ends with a plot twist, as most M. Night Shyamalan films do, that was sopredictable it shouldn’t even be called a plot twist.
I liked the ‘found footage’ concept that they tried to portray, but I think they made it high budget to be believable found footage, even though that’s extremely redundant) .

The Visit has potential to be a good horror movie but because it was predictable and boring for the most part it wasn’t able to achieve it full potential.