Honeymoon gets fans excited for a new tour

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Lana Del Rey released her album Honeymoon last Friday with 14 dark and ballad-like tracks. Del Rey had been advertising this album since her previous Endless Summer tour. She even created a Honeymoon Hotline. The hotline is a phone number you can call where Del Rey talks about the album then gives you options to listen to some of her favorite podcasts.

This album closely resembles her two albums Born To Die and Paradise. My favorite songs are “Art Deco,” “Religion” and “24”. The songs on the album are dark ballads that are pretty slow. There is a lot of instruments and not many studio produced beats.

Like Born To Die and Paradise the album entails many dark themes like loss of love and hanging around the wrong crowd.
The song “Art Deco” describes Del Rey’s friendship with fellow singer Azealia Banks. It describes the two’s experiences in the New York clubs and how

Azealia is a bit wild. Religion is about Del Rey’s relationship with a mysterious man. She claims that he is her religion because she loves him so much.

The song “24” is about Del Rey’s want for a rich, bad man. Del Rey portrays a sad character in love looking for fame through men and money. She writes and sings her songs as this character.

She writes like she is in a dreamworld and the topics she talks about in her songs are based on her reality but contain many elements of a fantasy world.

Lana confirmed that she will be going on tour to promote the album in 2016. Her fans are anticipating the release of the dates and locations for the tour, on her last tour Del Rey came to Mountain view, and I attended. Her previous tours have had high attendance and took place in other countries as well as the United States.

Her fans are hoping that will happen again. It is a know fact the Del Rey prefers performing in European countries, not encouraged by her U.S. fans.