French macarons reign supreme at Estelles

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It may be out of the way, but Estelles Patisserie in downtown Sacramento is worth the 30 minute drive. While they offer a variety of sweet treats and lunch options, they do offer one thing that you can’t find in Roseville – French macarons.

If you are not familiar with it, a macaron is a sweet meringue based cookie that is made with almond flour, egg whites, powdered sugar and granulated sugar. You can add food coloring or natural dyes after depending on the flavor you’re after. Then once they are baked you can add a variety of fillings from frosting to ganache to jam.

The patisserie always carries a variety of different flavors of macarons daily because they change seasonally. The two flavors that they always carry are pistachio and lavender. Current seasonal flavors they have for sale are blueberry cheesecake, espresso, red velvet and orange cream.

During my visit I chose to try the espresso, pistachio and lavender macarons. My favorite was the pistachio because of its sweet flavor and nutty undertones. The espresso would be perfect for all the coffee lovers out there. The cookie has the sharp taste of coffee with a whipped cream filling to cut the bitter taste which gives you the feeling of actually drinking a latte. The lavender macaron was able to fully express the flavor of lavender but in my opinion it tasted like I was eating soap. Lavender is a pretty smell but not the best flavor to make food out of.

Besides the macarons Estelles also sells different types of cakes, cookies, pastries, coffee drinks, tea and sandwiches, salads and quiches.

So if you are ever in the mood for freshly baked goods or a real French tea or even a macaron then you should definitely take a trip to Estelles Patisserie in downtown Sacramento. It is worth the drive and you will leave with treats you can’t find in Roseville.