AHS Hotel a step up from previous season

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American Horror Story, a television show on FX, recently came out with its fifth season; Hotel. The show has been highly anticipated by fans and one of the new characters, Lady Gaga, helped create more publicity for its release.

Each season tells a new story and the actors and actresses switch to new characters. All the actors and actresses are clearly very skilled with character development and always get deep into their roles.

Lange left the cast after finishing Freakshow and will sadly not be back for Hotel.

Typically in American Horror Story, the plot is deep and they reel you in before it becomes extremely violent and graphic. Instead, this new season started off with multiple deaths in the first episode.

The deaths were not typical either but instead very twisted and violent.

Even though there is only one episode out so far, it is clear that Hotel has the opportunity to be not only scary, but have a deep, intriguing plot line like the other seasons.

The plots are always very well thought out and there is always something wicked and twisted going on.

Many people have said that the previous season, Freakshow, was not as liked as seasons one through three. Some, including myself, only watched halfway through it.

However, based on the first episode, the fifth season looks like it has potential to be something great.

While previous seasons had gory scenes, they were not as frequent as they are in the fifth season. Comparing mid-season episodes of Freakshow and Asylum to Hotel, the amount of gore is about equal in all three. Almost all the freaks in Freakshow died, and Asylum was filled with torture and mutilation, and Hotel already has a body count of six.

The director, Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, seems to be a big fan of using eerie and creepy sounds in order to add tension at a situation that probably would not be as scary if there was no sound. He uses them so often that you are always ready for something scary to happen.

Gomez-Rejon has produced three movies, along with three television shows besides American Horror Story, the most popular of them being Glee.
He is able to bring his filmmaking talent to both comedy and horror acts, which is not a task many can accomplish.