Travi$ Scott collaborates on, speaks out with new release

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Travi$ Scott’s new album, Rodeo, mixes multiple genres of music into one great album. He has many famous stars featured on his album, helping the songs sound better, as well as gain variety and publicity for the album in general.

Leading up to Rodeo, Scott produced an album called Days Before Rodeo, anticipating fans for his new release.

Scott’s album isn’t set on one type of music, but instead features a multitude of different artists, including Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Quavo, The Weeknd, Chief Keef, Young Thug, Swae Lee, Toro y Moi and even Schoolboy Q in a bonus track.

The variety of featured artists on his album help convey that Scott is not just another talentless rapper, but is more of a skilled artist who can work well with practically any artist, despite their preference in music genre.

Antidote, a song Scott produced prior to Rodeo, helped make the album even more popular when it came out.

“Maria I’m Drunk,” featuring Justin Bieber and Young Thug, is a song depicting how much all three artists love women and partying.

They all enjoy the lifestyle they live, and this song is a way of them showing it.

The tune of the song is relatively slow, but its relaxing, yet bumping, beat still makes the listener want to sing and dance along to the song.

Another song, “Piss on Your Grave,” featuring Kanye West, gets the listener extremely hyphy. The objective of the song and lyrics is to teach the next generation that standing up for yourself is important, and anyone can do anything they want; the world is theirs.

Scott’s previous album, Days Before Rodeo, helped make Rodeo an even bigger hit when it came out. Fans were waiting for the release for a while, and when it dropped, they all went and listened to it.

Rodeo relates to Days Before Rodeo in the sense that the songs are not limited to certain types of beats, and Young Thug is featured multiple times in each album.

Both albums are really good, but I personally prefered Days Before Rodeo to Rodeo.

Scott has been an idolized musician since his first signing in 2010 when he performed a duo with OG Chess, named The Classmates.

They later made two projects, Buddy Rich and Cruis’n USA, but unfortunately the two split up after a financial dispute. After that, T.I. sparked an interest in Scott’s talent and gave him a call.

He was then introduced to Kanye West’s engineer, who helped him through the musical industry.

Scott is currently on tour with The Weeknd and BANKS, and is visiting almost everywhere across the US and parts of Canada.

The closest ones to Roseville are in Oakland on Dec. 5, and in San Jose on Dec. 6.