Balancing two plays at once

Drama teacher Ashley White has taken on directing both “The Addams Family” and “Faces of “Freedom”




Roseville High Theatre Company is currently putting on two plays at once, Faces of Freedom, their entrance in The Lenaea Festival, and Addams Family, this years spring musical.

The new term of the year brought many new students and drama teacher Ashley White thinks that this current class is the best that she has had in a long time.

“This is truly an amazing class” said White. “It blows me away how calmly they are handling [the work of two plays at once].”

Senior Brooklyn Pontoni, who is starring in both shows, is excited to see how the plays turn out.

“We have put in so much work and the cast of these are absolutely amazing,” Pontoni said.

Pontoni is also the choreographer for Addams Family, as well as the lead matriarch Morticia Addams. She also has a part in Faces of Freedom.

“It’s a lot of work doing both plays,” Pononi said.”But in the end, I think that it will all be worth it. We are all a big happy family and I think that is really important for these shows.”

Faces of Freedom wass RHS Theatre Co.’s entry to be presented at the the Lenaea High School Theatre Festival last weekend.

The Lenaea Festival is a yearly event for high school drama programs to showcase different one act plays as well as stand alone musical numbers and monologues.


RHS Theatre Company has visited and performed at Lenaea annually for many years. This year’s entry is about the struggles of immigrants coming to America.

According to White, the cast of Faces of Freedom is full of hard workers who are dedicated to progressing both themselves and the show as a whole.

“They are on top of the act. They studied their lines, they’ve had to study characters,” White said. “They come in and we just work, work, work. So it is exciting to see where we are and where we can be.”

White is teaching all four periods this year, and believes that even how stressed her and the class are, the plays will both triumph.

“Through nights of staying up late grading papers until 12 a.m. every night to working with no preparation period,” White. “It sure is not easy, but me and the students think they will be good.”

Pontoni loves having White as a teacher and she believes that she is handling practice well.

“Yeah Mrs. White has been killing it lately with both coming up,” Pontoni. She has been pretty stressed though, I mean, who wouldn’t.”

Junior John Wallasch, a student actor in both plays, is excited to see how the class will succeed.

“I am in both Addams Family and Faces of Freedom, and I am a strong believer that both are going to be the best shows yet.” Wallasch said.