Addams Family: What to expect




RHS Theatre company is putting on the “Addams’ Family” musical. The musical will run March 15-17 and 22-24.

The characters are based off previous interpretations of the Addams from the cartoon series, the 1964 live action television series and, perhaps most iconically, the 90s live action movies.

Drama teacher Ashley White said that she chose The Addams Family as the spring musical because of the band of characters and its relevance in pop culture.

“The Addams family musical was selected because it’s just a fun show, it has such great characters, it’s really well known,” White said. “It’s embedded in pop culture and its just such a funny fun kinda welcoming show.”

White was looking for something less serious than Almost Maine, the show chosen for the winter drama showcase.

“For the musical, you want something that’s big and that’s fun and that’s entertaining” White said. “And so I kinda look at those factors.”

The leads are seniors Brooklyn Pontoni and Austyn Creighton as the eccentric parents Morticia and Gomez Addams. Brooklyn Pontoni is also the choreographer, teaching the dances to the actors.

The cast also includes the rest of the traditional Addams family, Wednesday, Pugsley, Fester and more as they bump heads with the Beinecke family.

Daughter of Morticia and Gomez gets entangled in a love affair with Lucas Beinecke, who is the kin of a very plain family. Wednesday wishes for the two families to meet in order to gain the approval of her and Lucas’ relationship.

According to White, the play’s progression has been going over smoothly and the cast has been enjoying themselves.

“We’ve had the most fun at rehearsal,” White said. “It’s been so smooth. Everyone is so easygoing.”