Smell the roses with Gabrielle Hutson





For Christmas I decided to treat myself with a hefty order of Glossier products. Glossier is the toke make up brand of cute french Instagram girls which I often strive to imitate, so I figured this would bring me one step closer to my goal. I didn’t expect much from what I got I definitely didn’t expect it to be as great as everyone swears… but, hear me out they aren’t lying. I tested my purchased products as soon as I got them and I was pleasantly surprised. The stretch concealer gives great coverage and really does stretch like no matter how thinly you spread it doesn’t lose pigment but looks just like skin! A few others I would consider favorites are the cloud paint liquid blush and Generation G matte lipsticks. The colors of both products are beautiful and give your cheeks and lips a hue of color to keep a natural but better look, it’s perfect for the spring.



I’ve always enjoyed anime television series but I never took an interest in the graphic novels that anime series are often based on. The graphic novels are commonly refered to as Manga, until recently over break. While looking for something to fill my excess time over winter break I went to my home away from home, Barnes & Noble for a good book. I scowered through the fiction section in search of anything that sounded intriguing but came up dry. After searching high and low for a good read I found myself in the manga section picking up the first book in the Sailor Moon series, this seemed a fitting place to start since Sailor Moon was also the first ever anime I watched. I finished it in approximately two days and have been reading the series nonstop ever since.



After being vegetarian for nearly two years now I’ve decided to take that next step to becoming vegan. Taking small steps is probably the best way to make a smooth transition and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing by testing out different non dairy alternatives of things such as milk and ice cream. I have found a new appreciation for milk replacements in specific vanilla rice and oat milk. Let me just say that oat milk is literally better than actual milk, it has a nice viscosity similar to milk with an even better taste. I prefer my rice milk with things such as cereal or in my tea. Vegan ice cream has also stole my heart and even replaced just regular ice cream, I doubt I will go back anytime soon. It’s surprising how many things actually taste better with non dairy milks. Have you ever tried English breakfast tea with vanilla rice milk? It’s probably one of the best breakfast beverages I’ve ever tried.