Reporter Favorites: Anderson Paak’s album “Malibu” packs a punch




B randon Paak Anderson, known by his moniker Anderson Paak, dropped his second album in 2016 called “Malibu”. Paak’s album has a multitude of styles in his 16 tracks, ranging from soul to R&B to Hip Hop, even to funk at some points. The track “Come Down” has a much more Hip-Hop feel to it while “The Bird” sounds more soulful.

The final track on “Malibu” called “The Dreamer,” with Talib Kweli and The Tilman Family Choir, feels very inspiring. The background singing by the Tilman Family Choir adds a great ambiance to the song. “The Dreamer” makes for a great farewell for the end of the album.

The song “The Season / Carry Me,” integrates a great amount of change in the songs. The two themes offer a great in the song  change of pace since it is still one song. “The Season” has a more instrumental backing, while “Carry Me” sounds much more lyrical.

The whole album has some static noise backing some of the track, this helps the retro feel to the whole album. At the beginning or end of some of the tracks, there are quotes by surfers with also adds to the 50’s theme in the whole album.

The cover art of the album features a drawing of Paak playing a piano on a beach in the water. There are various items from the 50’s in the water floating next to Paak and his piano.This sets a good scene for the album. It ties into the main underlying themes in Malibu such as the quotes and static that sounds like it’s from a vinyl album.

The massive diversity in the album makes the album so loveable by multiple people. The mix of funk, hip hop and R&B feels in the album makes Malibu enjoyable by most music fans.

Paak himself praises the two songs, “Am I Wrong” and “Silicon Valley.” These songs are decent but don’t stand out as much as some of the other tracks.

“The Season / Carry Me,” “Come Down” and “Celebrate” were some of my favorites, with the first two being released before the album as singles. “Celebrate” was released with the album’s release.

The track “Celebrate” has a feel that reminds me much of a Jackson 5 song with Paak’s singing style in the song being much more soulful than most of the other Tracks

The track order seems very well chosen in this album. He used the order perfectly to develop the album’s story and makes this album a lasting favorite of mine and a must listen for all music fans.