Calls home when tardy inessential




As an RHS student who does not possess a car, most of the time, I struggle to get to school on time. Whenever I do end up being late, my parents would always know, despite the fact that it would never be over half an hour. But ever since the school implemented a policy where they call home the second time I am tardy, my parents have started to worry — as if I did something seriously wrong. In reality, all they’re getting are a few phone calls from the school.

Ultimately, this policy is useless, because half the time when students are late, the parents already know and it just creates unnecessary problems between admin and the students.

I understand why the school is doing this, but it just seems to me as if they are creating excess work for themselves that they don’t need to do. The only time I feel like this policy is necessary is when students are tardy multiple times a week, or when they are tardy to every single class.

The school already calls home when a student is absent, which makes complete sense. However, calling home when a student that is normally never late happens to be tardy once in a millennia is absolutely unnecessary.

The only reason why the school should call home is if
1)A student is late multiple times a week
2)A student is absent for an entire period, or
3)A student is on an attendance watchlist that admin assigns when a student is late or absent too much.

Parents can already find out how many times, and what days, we are late or absent throughout the year by looking on Homelink, or when our report cards come out.

Anyway, most parents do not want to take the time out of their busy day to get a phone call from the school, just to hear that their son or daughter was five minutes late to school one time out of the whole month. Those statements take the issue from superfluous to detrimental.