Senior Michael Speights rejects the commercial fashion brands claiming to find a “flex for less” style at thrift stores.




What kind of look are you trying to achieve with the way you dress?

That bummy aesthetic. That homeless aesthetic Comfy. I’m not trying to flex- just be comfy, comfortable.

Who are some of you fashion icons and inspirations?

I don’t dress like them at all anyone any of the clothes they wear but Ray Kyle Kuvo who’s like an avant-garde fashion designer from Japan, Mason Margiella Hare Ackerman, all those heads. I like how they changed fashion from being something commercial, from something you buy to an art form.

What are some of your favorite stores?

I don’t really shop at big stores but I like the thrift stores, I make my own stuff and I like toss. You can always find a flex for less.

What trends are you really into right now

I see turtlenecks coming back, ’90s are kinda getting outplayed a little bit but I think the ’90s aesthetic is always cool too.

Are there any trends you hate?

Supreme is a meme now. I don’t like it. People just throw Supreme on like a Supreme tee, Supreme beanie and they call it a day, and I don’t like that.