GIVE: I know for me I tend to get swept up in the Christmas spirit and feel delightfully obligated to buy all of my friends gifts. Of course this can be a little bit ambitious considering what my budget is, especially because I either go big or go home in terms of gifts. So if you are like me and find Christmas to be a big expenditure that you can’t quite afford, the solution to this problem is organizing a Secret Santa with your friends. It’s pretty simple all you do is list out all of your friends names on individual pieces of paper mix ‘em around and do a blind reach to see who you get. It’s the perfect compromise! You get the joy of giving without the depression of being absolutely broke from giving too much! Also, bonus points for receiving as well.

EXPERIENCE: I’m sure every year almost everyone’s family has that one Christmas movie they all gather around the TV to watch together. For my family that movie is the classic musical “White Christmas”. Now if just watching it in the living room gives off that sensational sense of Christmas wonder imagine what it would feel like to watch it in theaters. You’re probably asking, “How so?” Well participating Cinemark theaters do re-releases of classic movies every month but it’s only suiting that they do in theater showings of classic Christmas movies during December. You can look up the schedule online to see if there’s a showing for your token holiday movie and if there is I highly suggest that you attend.

WATCH: As we have a three week long holiday break I’m sure near the end we will all be looking for things to help fill our time before we go back to school for the new semester. Well luckily The Golden Globes are airing three days prior to schools return and is the perfect three hour filler you need. It seems that The Golden Globes has done right this award season by giving nominations to those who are deserving such as Timothee Chalamet for leading actor in “Call Me By Your Name” which I haven’t seen but I know is great, or Allison Janney for supporting actress in I, Tonya… which I have also not seen but also know will be great.