Holiday Dancin’ Feet backed by experience

Recent alumna returns to aid choreography

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Holiday Dancin’ Feet backed by experience






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RHS alumna and former dance team member Kaleigh Bane returned from college to teach a dance she choreographed for the dance program’s holiday showcase. The dance itself, Medicine, will be just one of a series of dances choreographed by former members of the RHS program.

Bane felt honored that RHS dance teacher Pilar Steiner asked her to come back in order to teach the students her choreography.

“I really enjoy teaching and choreographing. It was really nice to come back after a long time,” Bane said.

Bane based the dance on the concept of helping other people, and tailored everything from the costumes to the choreography to match that theme.

“The song is asking for help from another person, so in the dance, the ones in the black are looking for help while the ones in white costumes are trying to help,” Bane said, “The whole dance is based around people trying to help one another.”

Fellow alumna Sarah Fong aided her in creating the dance.

“Sarah and I choreographed [other dances] with one another and have been through tough times, so we decided to choreograph a dance to help one another,” Bane said.

Bane’s sister, Laurel Bane, is appreciative of the time her sister took to share her knowledge and return to RHS as a choreographer.

“She likes spreading her ideas and inspiration to other dancers,” Laurel Bane said. “I think that’s why she came back, so she could inspire a new generation of dancers.”

Senior Annie Herron, who will be dancing in Medicine, was excited to learn from Bane, who was once a former classmate of hers.

“I think it’s really cool that Kaleigh came back to teach because she’s an amazing dancer and it was cool to learn her choreography directly from her, and it was a really cool dance,” Herron said.

Senior and dance student Brooke Raby values learning from a former student, as they offer slightly different points of view and more varied knowledge as dancers.

“They are studio dancers and they know what they’re talking and know more technical stuff then the teacher would know,” Raby said.

Bane’s last visit to RHS occured when she went to see her choreographed dance in the dance show. Bane enjoyed her time at RHS and hopes to return to teach another dance again in the near future.

“I would do anything to come back and teach again for the program,” Bane said.