Netflix’s “The Punisher” delivers with action packed and exciting episodes





    The Punisher, a character featured in other Netflix series such as “Daredevil” and “Luke Cage” has gained his own long awaited, self entitled series. After multiple appearances of Frank Castle, The Punisher himself, in other Marvel series I was left wondering more about him. “The Punisher” was the perfect opportunity to showcase his tough self. Just the first few episodes prelude to an action packed series of intense fighting and plot line. With 13 episodes all measuring an hour long, it’s the perfect show to binge watch which was exactly what I spent my November break doing.

     The series begins with Frank Castle working on a construction site while having occasional flashbacks to the life and death of his family. These flashbacks give his character depth and development and ultimately humanize him. The first fight scene occurs a couple minutes into the first episode and you see just what The Punisher can do. You can understand why he is dubbed The Punisher.

    The fighting doesn’t downplay for the rest of the season either. Each episode is action packed and somewhat instills a sense of anxiety even though you know that ya boi will always pull through in the end, no matter how bleak the odds may seem.

    Possibly the best thing about The Punisher is just that he’s a human. He has no superhero powers, but still could beat Superman to a pulp if given the chance. He is the epitome of a tough and should not be underestimated at any rate! The biggest flaw of his enemies is to underestimate him. That mistake is shown throughout the entire season, as he literally destroys anything that comes in his way.

    Besides the appreciation of The Punisher being a human who worked for his strength and abilities, there’s also a deep appreciation for his gripping backstory. After realizing his literal entire family was annihilated for the greater good of a gang, you develop a lot of respect for not only what he does but who he is as a person now.

    The Punisher is my personal favorite vigilante because he’s really just out here killing bad guys to heal his own wounds from one. As far as justifying a vigilante goes, this is the one I would most support. I love and support Frank Castle and everyone should give him a chance to invade their heart.