RHS Theater Co. almost perfects Almost, Maine

Almost, Maine’s multiple plot lines all played out on one stage last weekend. RHS Theatre Co. built five sets to portray the narrative


Every year about the time fall rolls around at Roseville High School, I find myself highly anticipating what RHS Theatre Co. will bring to the Patti Baker stage for their fall play.

With this year’s production Almost, Maine (an endearing romantic comedy taking place in snowy Maine) I was even more ecstatic than usual. Just walking to the Patti Baker in the fall weather made my excitement skyrocket. By now I’m sure you can tell that my expectations were high.

The play itself is absolutely adorable and heart warming. It’s kind of like the movie Valentine’s Day where you see a multitude of plot lines all broken down in a period of time, all of which are based around triumphant love and horrible heart break. These are, of course, strong emotions portrayed in this type of plot line. To see a crew of high schoolers so seamlessly pull it off was nearly unbelievable.

Seeing as there are many cast members all with different love stories, you would assume some would feel too hammy or too dry, but no. There was not a lacking of chemistry between one cast member and another. I could have easily forgotten I was watching a cast of teenagers if I didn’t recognize so many of them from our regular, daily lives.

Almost, Maine is captivating not just in performances but in scenery too. Even just sitting in my seat during intermission I felt delighted to just be looking at the cute little set(s) on stage. Warm cozy interiors and wreath-decorated house fronts accented by cotton snow and tree stumps made me feel like I was looking at a postcard that’s says, “From Maine, with love!”

My one singular qualm with the play is that I wanted more. This is not the fault of anyone but the original writers of the play but I was so enticed by this young troop of actors that I wanted to see more of their love stories. I wanted to see more development in the characters, relationships and love lives but alas, it was not written that way.

If you find yourself with $8 in your pocket to spare, I would highly suggest using it to go see Almost, Maine and support the drama program.