Varsity baseball fights to keep Athletic PE




Normally, both the varsity baseball and softball teams require an athletic PE class in fourth period in the spring term. But because of Roseville High School policy requiring a coach or staff member to be present during a class, baseball may have to drop the opportunity for practice time.

First-year varsity baseball coach Greg Zanolli is disappointed that the class is no longer offered, and is currently in the process of trying to get the class back. However, since Zanolli is not a teacher on campus, he would not be able to check in the players.

“We hope to have the class. I’m talking to the athletic director and try to see if there’s a way to get it back,” Zanolli said. “We have to have somebody that can sponsor it. The class is there, we can have it, if someone is there to check athletes in.”

Varsity baseball player Joe Cirrincione was a part of the class last year and experienced the pros and cons of the required elective firsthand.

“On one hand it was really nice because we were able to get home before 4:30 every day and were able to do stuff outside of baseball,” Cirrincione said. “It also sucked because had I not had the class I would have been able to take another AP or VAPA.”

Varsity softball coach Art Banks believes the class is a great advantage for the players.

“We talked to the kids about it and they have wanted the athletic PE class,” Banks said. “It’s a great advantage for them to use the extra time.”

Banks believes that having this class will have several benefits not just for the success of the season, but for students outside school.

“We start early and get out a little earlier and have a life outside softball,” Banks said. “It allows them to do stuff like have a job after practice.”

This year, freshmen Annie Lemos and Lauren Mirtoni will be playing varsity softball and will take the class.

“I think we’ll have more time to practice as a team and be better,” Annie Lemos said. “The extra time that we get should make us have better chemistry by the time the season starts.”