Breaking Down the Walls schedule disrupts classes




During the school day, I attended the Breaking Down the Walls program. At first, I was confused on what the program was, but as soon as I got there and the speaker started presenting I realized it was like a peer helping assembly that the school paid for. Now it seems like I’m trashing it, but it was actually pretty fun. We played games, got to know each other better and best of all they gave us free pizza.

Although I was glad I went, at the same time I wish I didn’t go. You see, the workshop lasted all day, except the first 15 minutes of first period and the last 15 minutes of fourth period.

Since the assembly took all day, I ended up missing all my classes and a lot of work – work that I’m still trying to catch up on. And you’re now probably thinking, “Well why didn’t you do it on the weekend?” I did, and here I am still working on it.

Now I have a fairly easy schedule with art, journalism, history and then math. So the only classes I’m trying to keep up on are history and math.

I think there should have been better scheduling with it, if possible. I wish it was something the whole school did on one day instead of three different days. If you do it all in one day and the teachers know about it, they can work around it and nobody misses work or falls behind. If I knew how much I would miss, I might not have gone and spent the next week constantly working.

I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t enjoy missing all my classes, because who wouldn’t like missing all their classes to play games and get free food? But again it goes back the work I missed. It’s not fun when you would would usually have your homework done but you have to be working on all the work you missed.

Maybe if there was better scheduling I wouldn’t be annoyed, but it is what it is. I don’t know everything on how it was scheduled, I don’t know if there was a better way to do it or if those three days were the only times to do it. But I just wish there was a way I could attend the program without missing so much work.