Google Drive problems impede classroom work


The school experienced a service outage that hindered the use of Google applications for students and staff since it began last Thursday.

According to RJUHSD Director of Technology Services Tony Ham, the likely source of the problem shifted from Google to the district firewall.

“It initially cropped up in a very brief manner a few weeks ago and led us to believe that it was an issue on Google’s side,” Ham said. “We think that it’s possibly on our end and have at this point been actively working on it and have narrowed it down to more-than-likely being our firewall.”

Ham said the issues are unrelated to changes to the content filter that include a new authentication login before accessing RHS’ Wi-Fi.

According to Ham, the coming and going of service outages make solving the problem challenging.

“We are actively working on solving the issue. I couldn’t say whether or not the changes we’ve made have for-sure fixed the problem because today [Nov.  6] they’ve been intermittent,” Ham said. “When troubleshooting these issues, especially when they’re intermittent, it can be exceedingly difficult so sometimes it does just take a little bit of time.”