Seniors relish in vintage cars, car shows


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Seniors Kyle Alves and Christopher Langlet enjoy the culture and community around vintage cars. The two car enthusiasts own vintage cars of a similar style as their own. The students both gained their interest due to their families.

Alves obtained his passion when he received his first car. His uncle gave it to him, as it had been passed down through generations. Langlet’s exposure to vintage cars and building them began early on, as his father pursued this interest while Langlet was growing up.

Both students attend local cars shows and occasionally enroll their cars.

They enjoy the culture, because each car they come across has a unique personality.

Every car is different in some way and they appreciate that these are rare vehicles that are not seen everyday.

Alves and Langlet work on their cars when funding allows them. Both intend to pursue this interest in the future by building their own working cars. Langlet wants to learn more about cars through a mechanical-based education program.

“If I do go to college I want to do mechanical engineering and learn more about mechanics, like how parts interact with each other,” said Langlet.

The seniors seek to become more involved in car culture and want to turn their old cars into show cars.