Junior finds confidence in motocross


Junior Amy Adamson’s has raced dirtbikes with her family for years. She said her love for motocross has helped her grow as a person. (COURTESY/AMY ADAMSON)


Junior Amy Adamson has a long-standing passion for riding dirt bikes.

According to Adamson, she was introduced to motocross at a young age by her stepdad.

“I started when I was eight or nine and my step dad did it,” Adamson said. “So when him and my mom got married he introduced us to motocross and we started going out a lot. I just started to learn how to do it from him.”

Adamson enjoys riding dirtbikes and can appreciate the lesser-known qualities of her hobby, as not many people are familiar with what she does.

“I think it’s really fun,” Adamson said. “It’s a different thing to do, not a lot of people do it – and so it’s really cool when my friends ask me about it, so I like it.”

Junior Emily Antaramian, Adamson’s friend, thinks it’s interesting she is into riding dirtbikes.

“I think it’s really cool how she does this with her family every summer,” Antaramian said. “It’s like a tradition and it makes her really unique, because not alot of girls are out there riding motocross.”

Everybody in the Adamson family enjoys motocross.

“It’s a big family thing for my family,” Adamson said.

Every year, the family plans a trip somewhere and always makes sure to take their dirtbikes along for the ride.

“During the summer, every vacation or trip that we take, we take our dirtbikes with us and we go riding,” Adamson said.

Amy Adamson’s mother, Elizabeth Steelman, believes this is a great hobby for her daughter, because it takes skill and confidence to ride well. Steelman feels that the hobby’s uniqueness suits Adamson.

“I think for Amy, riding a dirt bike is a thrilling and fun hobby. She enjoys being one of the few girls out on the track and showing the boys that she can keep up,” said Steelman. “ I’m proud of her skill and think it’s a good way to boost confidence.”

The Adamson family goes on dirtbiking trips two to three times a year. Oftentimes, they go to Northern California and the high Nevada desert.

Elizabeth Steelman understands the benefits this hobby provides for her children .

“Although it can be an expensive hobby, I think it is a good way for my kids to learn to trust themselves and their skills,” Steelman said. “You have to be a confident person to ride a dirt bike.”