Food Network brings back Halloween Wars and holiday programming




As the month of October continues, a great way to get in the spooky spirit is to whip up some delightfully dark treats to snack on before Hallow’s Eve. For beginners and those who lack creativity, the Food Network has you covered.

A lot of the programming during October is Halloween themed, providing the perfect tutorial to make the perfect fall treat.

Aside from the channel’s regular shows with Halloween specials, they also play the seasonal show ‘Halloween Wars’ for those who want strictly Halloween themed treats, and a serious take on them at that. The show gets just as intense as expected. However, I can’t help but feel more attached to the show than ‘Cake Wars’ for instance simply because it is entirely Halloween themed.

They also air ‘The Kids Halloween Baking Championship’. Another competitive show but even better because it’s stressed out kids trying to be spooky and delicious. This season is a really fun time to watch.  

It’s true that some of the recipes are more extravagant. It might take a lot of rewinding to get recipes precisely down, but if extravagance is your thing then it’s all game.

The vast majority of the Halloween shows play at night, but they do make sure to put a few in during the day for the younger generation and house mom’s wanting to be the most spirited on the block. The later the show is on, the more gory and dramatic the food gets. Pay attention to when you’re tuning in depending on what you prefer.

The Food Network is supplying everything sweet this Halloween season and with a wide variety of content, the channel makes it perfect for anyone to watch on October nights.