Junior Jordyn Berry commits to play baseball




Jordyn Berry, a junior at Roseville High School, recently committed to San Jose State to continue his baseball career.

Despite the challenges he may encounter, Berry believes this is a great way to improve and enhance his skills to work towards his future in baseball.

“I think I can accomplish a lot of the challenges ahead,” Jordyn Berry said. “It’s obviously going to take a lot of work and dedication, but I’m up for the challenge.”

Jordyn Berry hopes that his freshman year he can achieve as much as possible, and most importantly become a starter.

“I want to come in as a freshman and start for the team,” Berry said. “I just want to leave my mark and be seen as a great player.”

Berry believes that after overcoming the potential challenges college baseball could bring, it will better prepare him and help him get to the professional level.

“After I graduate and hopefully leave my mark at San Jose, I hopefully get drafted and accomplish my main goal,” Berry said.

Jordyn Berry is excited for what is in store for the continuation of his baseball career at San Jose State.