New sand volleyball club hosts grass fundraiser tournament




The new sand volleyball club at Roseville High school hosted a grass fundraiser tournament over the weekend.  The money will help the club afford uniforms and other needed elements to participate in tournaments with other high school clubs in the spring. President and founding member Shalynn Lesniewski started the club after getting information about a sand volleyball league already in place involving high schools.

“The idea started when Mike Gates, the director of the sand program over the summer contacted and gave me information about a sand volleyball league going on for high schools,” Lesniewski said.

Secretary Samantha Beaman participated in sand volleyball outside of school and is excited for the opportunity to continue playing at school.

“I’m really excited I just started playing beach recently and I’m happy I get to play more here,” Beaman said.

The club will be holding practices at local Harry Crabb park and will participate in multiple tournaments against local high schools in the future, the first being February 24th.