BASKETBALL: Boys participate in second pre-season tournament




Boys basketball for Roseville High School is playing in a preseason tournament this upcoming weekend against several other schools. This tournament is fairly new and is not annual to the boys basketball program. Varsity coach Greg Granucci believes this is a great way to start getting ready for the season.

“It’s a great tune up for the season,” Granucci said. “It’s a also a good way to evaluate the guys who haven’t played since June.”

Coach Granucci hopes that this tournament is a good way to see the players improve and use this time to see potential in athletes for tryouts.

“We’re always looking for abilities in athletes for the season,” Granucci said.  “Nothing is official until November when tryouts end.”

The tournament is primarily for the athletes to prepare for the season, but the boys also use this tournament for team bonding opportunities. Senior Joe Cirrincione believes the tournament is a great way for current and future players to get ready for the season.

“I think this tournament is good because we get to put in a lot of work we’ve done over the summer onto the court,” Cirrincione said.

Since there’s not a lot of games going on, Cirrincione believes it’s a way for players to shows their skills and move away from the practice mentality and move towards game mentality.

“There’s not a lot of games going on right now and especially with preseason going on,” Cirrincione said.  “ Its also a good way for new athletes to build chemistries with the other players trying out.”

Coach Granucci believes that keeping the tournament annual will give him the ability to help players improve as tryouts close in.

“It’s a way for me as a coach to see how each athletes perform,” Granucci said. “It also helps me see what strengths theses players have to bring to the court.”

The tournament begins October 7th and runs until October 8th over the weekend.