FASHION: Amy Mowrer




What kind of articles of clothing do you like to wear frequently?

Dresses. I am a big fan of dresses because it is one piece so it is easy and when I buy clothes I think about travel. It is like the only reason I work or do anything it is because I like to travel so anything that I buy I want to be able to do that and dresses are the best for travel because it is one piece so it takes up less packing space and they tend to work.

It is more about comfort than style for you?

Another thing is that everything is 100% cotton I mean it is not like I don’t care about style, I do, but I have 4 kids so I’m always doing stuff so I also need movement and length.

How would you describe your sense of style?

Classic. I mean I am not very flashy I like things that are understated I suppose that I would like to think that it is elegant but not in a flashy kind of way, but like an understated way like just simple.

You have like kind of a signature look with your curled short hair and the rose red lips. Is that routine or was it inspired by anything?

I am a big fan of red lipstick I think it works because I am pretty pale. I feel like I need some color. When I was like the year I graduated from college this movie called Sabrina came out that had Julia Ormond as Sabrina and Harrison Ford as Linus Larrabee and she goes to France and then she comes back in this black suit with short curly hair and so I got that haircut and I have had it since for my whole adult life.

When you were in high school were you into fashion or being fashionable?

Yeah, I was preppy. I remember the ’90s there was the whole grunge phase so I did have like plaid shirts and like that Urban Outfitters look but I also really liked blazers, things that were a little bit more structured and so I had like J. Crew and I liked that style where you wear something dressy and something casual.

How do you think your style has developed since high school?

One store that has really helped me with my style is Athleta where they have all types of athletic wear and other pieces that transfer well to everyday wear and one thing that they have is skirts with shorts underneath them and pretty much all of my skirts come from them and I feel like I can wear them to work and then I can go get my kids and go to the park without having to change clothes so everything is covered and I’m all good.

What do you find so attractive about the European style?

I think that the French are very elegant and I find that appealing and I like the simpleness of it and the idea of having a few good pieces that you can re-wear and maybe pair with something that is more trendy like you might buy a black dress that is more expensive and then maybe you grab a cardigan a target and you can wear that dress and kind of trade out for different trends and by seasons.