AVID teachers attend college conferences


Last week Avid teachers went to the annual UC conference to learn about admissions and applying from the past years. According to AVID 10 teacher Kelly Capell, teachers are focused on getting students accepted.

“Our goal is for students to get accepted to a 4 year university whether they go to that university or go another route is up to them but we want to make sure they are accepted,” Capell said. “We do a lot of training to trying to stay up-to-date on what is happening in California and the nation in terms of colleges,” Capell said.

Junior and AVID 11 student Emily Cruz believes that most information that teachers bring is beneficial to students.

“Some of the information my teacher has given us I already knew but some information I did not know before I thought that was very beneficial to me and other classmates,” Cruz said.

These meetings centered on new information involving all the UC campuses, new majors and personal insight question.