FBLA takes on two new advisers after Volk retires


English teachers Kelly Capell and Amy Shishido have taken over the Future Business Leaders of America club after the retirement of the club’s former adviser Ron Volk. Both teachers are focusing on not only continuing what the club has done in the past but supporting change that the students endorse.

“We want to continue what he has done,” Capell said.  “As the kids want to change and improve we are going to help them do that.”

Sophomore and FBLA member Finn McAnlis saw the benefit of the change going forward.

“I was disappointed [by Volk leaving] but also excited because we didn’t really do that much last year, so it was kinda of like oh boy we can actually get stuff done,” McAnlis said.

McAnlis also believes that new advisers are a benefit to the club because of the new ideas they bring to the table and their commitment to its growth.

“Miss Capell and miss Shishido are productive and get stuff done we have plans in place and we are already doing stuff,” Anlis said.

This year’s focus seems all about letting the club running itself and not by steering from the new advisors.

“We have the same officers and they are doing such a great job so we just want to support them through the club,” Shishido said.