Despite the sweltering weather of late, I still feel the same sensation as I have in previous years of brisk wind and a rainbow of leaves. I know what you’re thinking we’ve all experienced fall before; pumpkin spice everything, cable knit sweaters and watching leaves fall. Well here are my ways to make the most of the season without feeling like you’re living on repeat.


READ: Take a trip back to your childhood by picking up a copy of the book we all owned a one point or another in our youth, “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.” I remember reading this on late October nights well past my curfew with a flashlight on under the covers. Of course in turn I was then running over to my lamp because I couldn’t sleep with lights off afterwards. Meant to be told at night? Sure. But much better handled in the day. If there’s anything that makes me nostalgic of my childhood it’s utter fear. But seriously I remember this book fondly and unsurprisingly I associate it with fall specifically October so there is no better time to reread the stories that scarred as you a child than now.


VISIT: Speaking of childhood memories of fall I don’t consider it a true autumn without a trip to good ol’ Apple Hill with family or friends. It’s just so nice to be surrounded by all the multi colored leaves sipping on some refreshing apple cider and eating a fat slice of pie. Doesn’t that just sounds like the ultimate fall experience? Because it is. Beyond the basics you can take nice strolls around all these different kiosks with handmade jewelry, lotions and even Christmas decorations if you’re more of a Christmas over Halloween type of person. See? There’s something for everybody at Apple Hill.



WATCH: Need a spooky show to watch this fall to get you in an autumn mood? Well if you haven’t already then I highly recommend the ever popular anime Death Note. I know I’m extremely late to the hype but I’m glad I made it at all. Though the narrative isn’t really fall themed or even all that spooky I feel that it is still a perfect show for fall. A color palette of muted colors and looming gods of death known as Shinigamis give that haunted vibe perfect to watch in the brisk October weather with a blanket wrapped around you. That is when the weather actually reflect the month as we are still in 90 degree range. Though Death Note, as I said, isn’t really scary the murder mystery kind of plot gives the anime a dark enough to tone to make it a great show for fall. Not to mention the looming score that gives a perfectly haunted feeling and sends chills up my spine.