DUGGER: Seniors deserve parking spots




If you are a Roseville High student, you can agree that the parking options for students at Roseville High School are far and few between. Berry street, the senior lot, and the small dirt lot are the only few close options for the hundreds of students who drive to school every day.

Unlike teachers, students aren’t allowed to park on campus between the 900s buildings and the portables, or in front of the school in the teacher parking lot, limiting our options even more. In addition, teachers can take spots in the student lots, exacerbating an already poor situation. The parking is limited enough, and having extra cars take up spots when teachers have a multitude of other options available is unfair to our students.

To cope with this issue, each student has to get to school unnecessarily early just to secure a spot and avoid being late for class while driving around desperately searching for parking. And if you are ever running late, which typically happens to me on a daily basis, you end up rushing around, flustered, hoping you can still snag a spot. If it’s already full, you’ll wind up even later than before, since you have to park further away and walk through the neighborhood and alley just to get to the campus.

Other than getting up even earlier, the only way to avoid this is to acquire a parking pass. While some programs have started raffling off these passes as a fundraising strategy, they are not available to every student, which is unfair to the rest of us who don’t have that option.

Passes should be accessible for all students. If students and parents are willing to pay for a set spot, why not?

At almost every other school in the district, administrators allows their seniors to paint their set spot in a specific lot. This has become a tradition that all other students can look forward to and celebrate, as it has surely saved them from being late multiple times. It’s also a chance to allow the students to come together and create something both unique and useful to them, while raising more money for their school.

As a senior, I’m familiar with the difficulty of finding a parking spot each morning, so I would pay to have that spot for the whole year – and I know many other students would agree.