WRIGHT: Sadie Hawkins dance adds variety for students




This year, Student Government announced that the Sadie Hawkins dance will return to Roseville High School, taking the place of all outdoor dances. While some students might mourn the loss of the outdoor dances, I believe the sacrifice is definitely worthwhile. Student government’s decision to add Sadie’s to Roseville High’s dance repertoire is definitely a step in the right direction for dances, and one that many students will appreciate.

Other school have hosted this dance in recent years. It’s about time for RHS to finally host a Sadie Hawkins dance for a myriad of reasons – the first being that it will add some level of variety to our school dances.

Out of all the dances held at Roseville, most people tend to focus on the more formal ones, – such as Homecoming and Prom. And while formal dances are always fun, having an interesting informal dance will be a nice change of pace from the usual line-up.

Though, on the topic of changes of pace, it’s worth noting that not only will the dance be informal, but the point of the Sadie Hawkins dance, as well as the reason so many people are attracted to the idea of holding one, is the expectation that girls get to ask guys. Girl power is not an unfamiliar concept in our society, but it is still nice when girls get a chance to shine, even in something as simple as asking a date to the dance.

In return for the new dance, the school will forgo hosting the outdoor dances, as they tend to be the least popular. But in exchange for the price of a single, unpopular dance, it’s really not too much of a price to pay. In fact, very few people choose to go to the outdoor dances, myself included, because they didn’t have that ‘typical dance feeling.’

While pleasant, they weren’t major dances like Homecoming, or Junior Prom, with the draw of fancy attire and the lure of the well-known high school experience. There isn’t nearly as much in the way of preparation that goes into outdoor dances, eliminating some of the fun.

So, sadly, outdoor dances never really sparked my interest. One of the main parts of a dance is getting ready and taking pictures with your friends. Although Sadie’s is informal, there are still plenty of interesting themes to dress up to and that is just as good a reason as any to take pictures. It better captures what other students and I hope to glean from a high school dance, making it more appealing.

Lower classmen are only given two major dances a year, so the addition of Sadie’s will bring in another dance that they are able to attend, and one that will draw more attention and interest than its outdoor counterparts.