YOUNG: Netflix’s ‘The Defenders’ packs a punch



Netflix’s newest original superhero show, “The Defenders,”  lacked the amount of action that I would have liked to see in a superhero show, unlike the previous shows. 

The series has been received very well by critics and is a classic superhero show, as in a lot of fun to watch. The show keeps you glued and has some great scenes yet the show has some glaring flaws that partially ruined the show for me.

Firstly, the show is very clustered, mostly by the amount of characters, and having to keep track of all of them makes things  difficult. Most of the cluster comes from the transitions which are also poor. The transitions to have a sitcom-esque feel which isn’t preferable for a serious superhero show.

A lot of the episodes seem as if they are just trying to give backstory to the characters. Generally this wouldn’t be a problem, except they did a poor job in providing said backstory. The series is intended to be watched after the other four, so you would expect them to bypass the backstory and go straight to action, but instead they dedicate the first episodes to all to character development.

This could have been fixed by making the series longer than eight episodes. A longer season would’ve given the writers enough time to get all of their backstory in and still give the right amount of action, that the stand alone shows had. 

Despite the few flaws in continuity of the characters, the show is still good. The episodes have a good amount of mystery in them. Character development of the new villains makes them awesome. The heroes are still great as they are in their previous shows. They do well maintaining their previous personas’ which gives the show a kick since the characters are all amazing on their own and even better together.

Netflix has yet to confirm a season two of The Defenders and I hope they don’t. I would prefer them to pick up and carry on the characters in separate shows. Maybe after a few seasons of that, our heroes gang up again and save New York.