Break is three days away. Enjoy it with recommendations from Eye of the Tiger’s Arts & Entertainment staff.


Wonder Woman

This summer marks the release of the first ever female super hero movie. That’s right – we get a full feature film of Gal Gadot as wonder woman outshining her other justice league peers. If you aren’t convinced that this is the movie of the summer, then listen to the wonder woman theme and see if you still think that.

The Mummy

Since the original Mummy movie came out in the late ‘90s, we all knew in ample time we would get a reboot and what better way to revamp the entire Mummy franchise than with Tom Cruise.  I’ll hand it to Universal as the original Mummy with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz ,while not being the most groundbreaking thing, was a very fun popcorn movie and I honestly look for the reboot to be the same. This adaptation, however, looks to follow more closely to the classic books with the inclusion of the character Dr.Jekyll/Mr. Hyde played by Russell Crowe. Crowe plays a major role in the whole Monsters Universe that Universal is trying to build. In the end, the reason I’m mostly excited to see this film is for the action and to see Tom Cruise be Tom Cruise.

Cars 3

After Cars 2 disappointed many fans, Pixar is looking to bring back the magic of the original Cars movie with a new installment, Cars 3. In this installment, the main character, Lightning McQueen (played by Owen Wilson), is facing off against a new car who’s faster than anyone else around. It seems that Pixar is going to be focusing more on developing the plot and characters that made the original Cars popular, and this installment will hopefully be more appealing to fans. In addition, the visuals in this movie look amazing, as Pixar continuously ups the production value with each film they make.

Despicable Me 3

Round three of the iconic Despicable Me series is on its way. This installment features, as usual, a new villain who is surprisingly pretty unique and funny from what we’ve seen in the trailer. We also see that the story will focus around Gru finding a long lost brother. I’m a big fan of the first two movies, all I ask is one thing…less minions.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Hopefully third time will be a charm with Spider-man: Homecoming being the third film adaption of the famous comic book character. Tom Holland takes the role of a more fresh faced Peter Parker in high school. The movie will feature Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, playing a mentor role for Peter, and Michael Keaton as The Vulture who will be the main villain of the movie.


Director Chris Nolan is back with his new World War II film Dunkirk. What the movie looks to provide is a unique narrative, following the stories of people on the land, air and sea. Dunkirk does boast a big cast to back the story including famous British actors, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and even Harry Styles.



Coldplay will be following up their 2015 album, A Head Full Of Dreams, with a companion EP, Kaleidoscope. Word of the EP began to spread around November of last year and a five track album has been set for a June 2 release. I’m excited to see what this EP will add to their repertoire of great music.


I’m gonna tell you right now: Melodrama is gonna be a bop. It took me a whole four days to actually listen to “Green Light” following its release, and after a quick listen I realized that I was actually annoying for waiting so long.

My soul left my body and went to New York to dance in Times Square wearing a $5 prom dress. Pure Heroine was extremely eh. The beats were nice, but let’s be honest most of the tracks rehashed the same themes, and “Team” got old after the second time you heard it. “Green Light” and “Liability” changed my mind on Lorde.

Lust For Life

Born to Die Lana has been reborn in the newest era titled Lust for life. Honeymoon had a vast difference from her previous album, Ultraviolence. It’s easy to see that with each album, she grows more into her own style. This new era of Lana is glowing and happy, and I can hardly wait to discover my summer anthem on LFL.


Wicker Bags

Popularized by french icon Jane Birkin in the ‘70s, I have vowed to incorporate this into my summer style. This paired with bell bottoms and a cropped white button up is the iconic Birkin look. All you need is a bouquet to stick in your bag and you’ll look fresh off the streets of Paris

Floral Perfumes

I’ve been using Marc Jacob’s daisy since I was 12 and haven’t switched up to this date. This may not be your favorite but I would suggest stopping by the perfume counter at Macy’s to find a new scent for the summer. The fresh scent of florals pairs perfectly

Bell Bottoms

This brings me to my next point, bell bottoms. I’ve seen this popping up more and more lately and personally I love it. They work with every outfit and give an edge to any regular old fit you have. Jump on the trend while it’s still early.

Invisible Shield

SPF 30? Completely sheer? Glossier has been working on this formula for years and has perfected it just in time for 2017. This sunscreen is every makeup lover’s dream. Not to mention it’s Glossier brand.

Blush/Rosy Cheeks

This is my all time favorite makeup product but I especially love it in the summer. If you want that “too much sun” look without contracting skin cancer then look to blush. My personal favorite is Benefits dandelion cream blush. Opt for the rosy cheek look this summer.

Acai Bowls

I tried to be vegan for two weeks and these were pretty much all I ate. The best place in Roseville is Nekter with a max price of $9.95 and enormous portions. It’s literally a pint of pureed acai with fresh cut fruit and agave nectar drizzled on top. I could not imagine a better summer meal.