MULLIGAN: Pranks harmless in contrast to past classes




Two weeks ago the Class of 2017 planned a prank week where they would commit a new prank everyday. All of the pranks were designed to be harmless.

We only got through two days before admin brought the hammer of justice down on the seniors, threatening disciplinary actions for the prank that occurred and more severe punishments if future pranks were committed.

I would totally understand admin being upset if seniors brought dogs to school, just because dogs are a mess and some people are allergic. One of my teachers pleaded with us to not because she could have died due to her severe allergy.

But are you serious? We have a fun water balloon fight and there is an announcement threatening disciplinary actions if the pranks continue. If admin threatens us with suspension over a water balloon fight, I can’t imagine what would happen if we actually had a harmful prank.

In the past, jell-o has been put in the pool, ruining the filter. Fishing line was once set up to basically decapitate unsuspecting pedestrians on campus. I feel like I am missing something else too.

Oh, yeah! Our freshman year they burned the stage down.

Would it have been better if we put some green streamers up in senior square? That would be such a great prank.

We didn’t bring water guns. We didn’t ambush unsuspecting teachers. We had some good ol’ fashioned fun.

To those crying that they got hit when they didn’t want to participate, answer this: are you a sugar cube or the wicked witch of the west? No? Then you are not going to melt from a little water. And everyone knew that this fight was happening.

In fact, a mob was standing around watching. It’s like being in the splash zone at Six-Flags and then getting upset if Shamu splashes you. Only in this case, people could have left senior square.
Yes, water balloons left a lot of rubber behind but had the situation been handled better there would not have been a mess. They could’ve said, “Hey, guys, it is time to go back to class. But before you go clean up all this trash please you had some fun but it’s time to clean up.”

No doubt in my mind the mess would have been cleaned up and everyone back in ROAR in no time.

If we took the boring route of streamers, it probably would’ve been harder to clean up than the balloons. If streamed through a tall tree it could stay up there forever, while a quick sweep takes care of the balloons. I’m pretty sure the PE class ended up doing the cleaning anyway, which I’m sure they were happy to do to see the seniors have a good time.

Seniors, at this point, are done. We have exhausted our time here.

During the last month, we are just anxiously awaiting graduation.

Teachers barely teach, too. With AP tests and some finals done, so are we.