VOLLEYBALL: Boys sweep Whitney, win SJS Section Championship




The boys varsity volleyball team beat the Whitney Wildcats 3-0 for the San-Joaquin Section championship on Saturday night continuing their streak not dropping any sets. The team this season has shown no signs of slowing down and hopes to continue its play onto NorCals.

Jacob Cole helped carry the team to the section championship but knows its job is not done.

“We feel pretty good. There’s gonna be a lot better teams in Norcals than there was in our section so we just have to come out strong against all of the teams that we play,” Cole said.

Cole also feels the team’s chemistry is to thank for its success.

“I think our team chemistry is really good. We’ve been having team dinners a lot to help with it and it’s worked,” Cole said.

The boys varsity volleyball team will play the De La Salle Spartans tonight in Moeller Gym at 7:00 p.m.